Invertebrate Education

The “Bugs on the Brink” project outreach program has been a great success and has engaged over 500 children on St Helena. One of the aims was to create an educational invertebrate resource “loan box” for teachers to give them resources, including documents and equipment, to conduct invertebrate lessons based on the curriculum.

The loan box documents consist of six booklets and cover subjects such as science, one of the main areas in which invertebrates can be covered in the curriculum, and gives information on a wide variety of lessons such as food chains and webs, classification, reproduction and habitats, to name just a few. Other documents in the loan box include worksheets, equipment, activities, crafts and games which are also related to science and the curriculum.

SHNT – Idenification Specimens Cards in Vials SHNT – Loan Box – Activities SHNT – Loan Box – Bug crafts SHNT – Loan Box – Equipment SHNT – Loan Box – Games – Food Chain and Web game SHNT – Loan Box – Games Instructions SHNT – Loan Box – Invertebrate FlashCards SHNT – Loan Box – Science SHNT – Loan Box – Worksheets