The 2013 Environmental Education Pack

EP 01A St Helena National Trust Environmental Education Pack is currently in the process of being assembled by the Darwin Project team. The Education Pack aims to:

  • Teach local children using everyday occurrences which are familiar to them on St Helena.
  • Create a more fun, interactive and entertaining learning experience by having more physical activities such as crafts and outdoor activities
  • Give children a better understanding of their Island’s environment (e.g. endemic flora and fauna) and what they can do to help (e.g. recycling)

EP 02

The Environmental Education Pack covers a range of topics from Science to History and covers key stages from foundation level to key stage 3, including any additional sessions. It was composed by the Darwin Team taking an active role in St Helena’s education system and delivering lessons to children mostly in Primary schools as well as enrichment activities with Prince Andrew School. Lessons have received very positive feedback from local school teachers who have found the lessons “well delivered, with loads of fun educational activities for children to take part in.”EP 03

Field trips to some of our important sites such as Millennium Forest and High Peak were arranged in order to give children the chance to conduct their own investigations and have firsthand experience of what conservation of our vulnerable and rare species entails.

The education pack will be made available to all local schools and will be added to our website in due course – watch this space!

EP 04

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