Laying the Foundations for Invertebrate Conservation on St Helena

In March 2013 the UK charity Buglife was awarded a grant from the Darwin Initiative for a three year project called ‘Laying the Foundations for Invertebrate Conservation on St Helena,’ or ‘Bugs on the Brink’ for short. This project is a partnership between Buglife, the St Helena National Trust, the St Helena Government and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. The key aims of this project are:

  • assemble all the knowledge of the island’s land-based invertebrates and make sure this information is available to conservationists;
  • train local staff in invertebrate conservation management;
  • develop resources, such as a reference collection and identification guides, to help conservationists and residents to recognise and identify invertebrates;
  • help restore native habitats as functioning ecosystems;
  • teach schoolchildren of the importance of invertebrates to the environment; and
  • raise public awareness of the special place invertebrates have in the island’s natural heritage.

For further information, including links to downloads, see the following pages:

Project Background

Project Outcomes

Habitats of St Helena

Invertebrates of St Helena

Invertebrate Guide

Project Data

Invertebrate Education Information


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