Support the St Helena Nature Conservation Group

St Helena Nature Conservation Group is a member organisation of the National Trust with a special remit for the promotion and protection of the natural environment. We are an independent registered charity. Recent projects undertaken by the group include:

  • Publication of field guides and walking guides to the island
  • Development of three endemic gardens to showcase the island’s special plant species
  • A botanical census of important plant sites
  • Volunteer days where members undertake small habitat restoration projects in order to save the island’s threatened biodiversity
  • Footpath clearance and maintenance
  • Guided walks
Saving the critically endangered bastard gumwoodSNGC walk to Lot's Wife

We work on a small budget. Funding for some of our larger enterprises have come from UK government conservation schemes such as the Overseas Territories Environment Programme (formerly) and Darwin Plus (its modern equivalent), but for the most part we are reliant of self-raised sponsorship and donations from friends and visitors who we have enjoyed participating in our activities.

Contributions are always appreciated, and we do our best to put them to a good cause. The group welcomes international members. Unfortunately we do not have the capacity at present to maintain a newsletter, but members may receive our monthly meeting minutes and are free to participate in group discussions via e-mail.

Subscriptions to St Helena Nature Conservation Group
(due in August each year)
Local subscriptions £1 Payable to the group secretary on-island
International subscriptions £10
If you do not wish to be a member but would like to donate then please do!
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