The St Helena National Trust ‘Re-Forestation Fund’ International Appeal

The Millennium Forest is a large re-forestation project which is now 13 years old.  During that time over 35 hectares of land have been planted with trees endemic to St Helena.  This is satisfactory but an enormous task lies ahead.

The St Helena National Trust is appealing to you to help us continue this vital work. This is a long term project which will continue for several decades.  To secure the financial future for our re-forestation plans and the important biodiversity benefits we seek, we need to attract a substantial sum of money.

Donations you make to the Re-Forestation Fund will remain in the fund in perpetuity, as a lasting benefit to St Helena and its unique, beautiful but fragile natural environment.

We will use only the income generated from donations to the fund to pay for equipment, wages and other recurring costs which need to be paid for to keep the Re-Forestation project going.

All Individual Donors making a contribution of £50  or more to the Millennium Fund will receive a specially designed Commemorative Certificate.

All Corporate Donors making a contribution of £500 or more to the Millennium Fund will also receive the Commemorative Certificate

Smaller donations will be confirmed by the issue of a receipt via email whenever possible