Saturday 3rd May 2014, Millennium Forest

Please come and help us extend the Millennium Forest, and help protect the young plants from the rabbits.

Homemade pilau as a reward for good work after!

Place:                  Millennium Forest

Time:                  10am – 12.30pm

Date:                   Saturday 3rd May

Bring:                  Drinks, sunscreen, waterproofs, fun.

Wear:                  Rough clothes and boots.

Eat:                      Delicious pilau for lunch afterwards!

Jobs include:

Potting on the next generation of native trees at the nursery.

Planting out gorgeous young gumwoods and rosemary into our new Gateway area.

Chipping up a storm with our monster chipper to clear up our banks of waste branches.

Getting mean with invasive aloe before they take a hold and then take over.

Putting rabbit guards on lots of young hair grass to stop the naughty bunnies having a free lunch of endemics.