Saturday 5th April 2014, Millennium Forest

Please come and help us clean up and spruce the Millennium Forest, and help protect the young trees from the rabbits.

Homemade pilau as a reward for good work after!

Place:                  Millennium Forest

Time:                  10am – 12.30pm

Date:                   Saturday 5th April

Bring:                  Drinks, sunscreen, waterproofs, fun.

Wear:                  Rough clothes and boots.

Eat:                      Delicious pilau for lunch afterwards!

Jobs include:

Clearing young seedlings of invasive aloe before they take a hold and then take over.

Making a start on getting rid of all the litter and rubbish that has been dumped over the upper areas.

Putting rabbit guards on lots of fine young Gumwoods to stop the rabbits from ring-barking and killing them.

Lots of planting to do as well if you want to put in some new trees.

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